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Felonies and Misdemeanors

Jeffery K. Rubenstein has an outstanding track record of successfully defending adult and juvenile defendants against all categories of federal and California state felonies and misdemeanors. A complex problem solver, his excels at the defense of complicated cases. A law professor, he lectures extensively on constitutional law, criminal law, domestic violence and stalking.

The Lawyers' Lawyer

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is more than a topnotch Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer. Due to his legal acumen, he is in demand as a legal consultant by law firms around Southern California. Typically, for  complex cases. He can mobilize an expert team to investigate evidence and track down witnesses. He also collaborates with other law firms as legal counselor. 

Judges and Prosecutors

Jeffery K. Rubenstein has cultivated rapport with a network of judges and prosecutors in Southern California federal and state trial courts. They respect and appreciste him for his creative approaches to bail and alternative sentencing.

Criminal Defense Attorney to the Stars

Jeffery K. Rubenstein defends private adult and juvenile clients, many in the entertainment industry. For example, he was lead counsel in the infamous Bling Ring case that led to the movie of the same name and the E! reality series Pretty Wild. Jeffery K. Rubenstein has made guest appearances on Dateline NBC, American Justice and CBS News. He was also featured in Vanity Fair and People

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Jeffery K. Rubenstein talking  to  TV news reporters.

Jeffery K. Rubenstein talking  to  TV news reporters.