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Jeffery K. Rubenstein has decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney and four years as an LA County Deputy District Attorney. He has an intimate knowledge of the federal and California state criminal justice processes, jurisdictions and venues. He is a complex problem solver renowned for successfully defending complicated criminal charges. He the lawyers' lawyer of retained by other Southern California law firm as a legal consultant. He has aslsoestablished rapport with a network of federal, state and county prosecutors and judges. They respect him for his legal acumen and creative approaches to bail and alternative sentencing. Jeffery K. Rubenstein provides you with these essential services:   

  • Courtesy Consultation.   
  • Complex problem solver from misdemeanors to white collar crimes to murder.
  • Boots on the ground, he personally represents you at all court appearances. 
  • Personalized defense strategic plan with specific tactics to win your case.    
  • The lawyer's lawyer he is in demand as a legal consultant to other law firms in Southern CA.
  • Has established rapport with a network of prosecutors in Southern CA.
  • Creative approaches to bail, alternative sentencing and recidivism prevention.   
  • Team of expert investigators, researchers and witnesses to testify on your behalf.
  • Referrals to a proven network of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, counselors, mental health and addiction specialists, treatment centers and support organizations.  
  • Record expungement to remove and seal your eligible arrest records and misdemeanor convictions from public records. So potential employer background checks come back clear.

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is the man who can tip the Scales of Justice in your favor.

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"I'm here to help you." Jeffery K. Rubenstein,  LA Criminal Defense Lawyer.

"I'm here to help you." Jeffery K. Rubenstein,  LA Criminal Defense Lawyer.