Jeffery K. Rubenstein, Esq., Curriculum vitae

UCLA. Loyola Law School. Law Professor.
Constitutional Law. Constitutional Rights. Criminal Law. Dom

Jeffery K. Rubenstein Curriculum vitae

Jeffery K. Rubenstein graduated from UCLA in 1990 on the Dean's Honor List with a double major in Political Science and English. He earned his Juris Doctor at Loyola Law School in 1993.  During his sojourn at Loyola Law School, he was a law clerk at the Law Offices of James Gillen and Associates. There, he did legal research and writing, plus wrote provocative motions on controversial issues. Other research areas included complex personal injury litigation for juvenile plaintiffs in rural California counties. A law professor, Jeffery K. Rubenstein lectures extensively on constitutional law, constitutional rights, criminal law, domestic violence and stalking.   

JKRLAW Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein 1998-Present

In 1998 Jeffery K. Rubenstein opened his JKRLAW Offices in Beverly Hills. He owns, manages and is President of this successful professional criminal defense corporation. He is a complex problem solver who has successfully defended clients from misdemeanors to white collar crimes to murder. He accepts private clients like you, many in the entertainment industry and juveniles. He is well known and respected for his creative approaches to bail and alternative sentencing. He is a community activist who focuses on alternative sentencing for addiction, mental health and recidivism prevention. Jeffery K. Rubenstein was the lead attorney in the infamous Bling Ring case. This led to the movie of the same name and the E! reality series Pretty Wild.   

LA County Deputy District Attorney 1994-1998

Jeffery K. Rubenstein was an LA DA with extensive experience prosecuting felony and misdemeanor defendants. He specialized in domestic violence, stalking, sex crimes, gang violence, DUIs, addiction, mental health, homicide and juvenile cases. His venues included East Los Angeles, Eastlake, Rio Hondo, Pasadena, Van Nuys and the Criminal Courts Building in downtown LA. Jeffery K. Rubenstein assisted Gavin DeBecker, Stalking Expert, in development of the Mosaic computer profiling for domestic violence perpetrators likely to commit homicide.   

Professional Memberships

Jeffery K. Rubenstein is a Member in Good Standing of these associations.

  • USA Federal Bar Association.
  • California State Bar Association.  
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation.    

He wrote the California Mock Trial hypothetical case, People v. Stover case which involves free speech, hate speech and use of force. This case is used in the annual California statewide competition. Jeffery K. Rubenstein acts as a Mock Trial Coach for middle school or high school teams for each year’s competition.   

LA County Judge Pro Tem 1998-1999

Volunteered for the LA Temporary Judge Program. Sat on the bench as a Small Claims Court Judge Pro Tem twice per month for 2 years on cases throughout LA county. 

Lifelong Community Activist

Jeffery K. Rubenstein has and continues to make contributions to these community service organizations.  

Inside Out Writers: Advisory Board Member of this organization founded in 2014 by his brother, Todd Rubenstein, a famous prosecutor. IOW brings writing programs into prisons and juvenile halls. Jeffery K. Rubentstein mentors juveniles, offers transitional housing assistance and other support services.    

Anti-Recidivism Coalition: Advisory Board Member since 2015. He provides legal advice and social support to this organization for juvenile justice reform, prison reform and legislative initiatives.    

Beit T’Shuvah Synagogue: Volunteer since 2000. Does pro bono work for low income residents. Works with alternative sentencing office for placement of private clients.    

The Teen Project/Freehab: President of this organization founded by Lauri Burns. Provides rehab and job training for young women, who were victims of sex trafficking and have aged out of the foster care system.    

UCLA: From 2002-2007 taught at the Summer Law Institute camp. This camp is located on the UCLA campus at the UCLA School of Law. He Instructed high school students on law and trial skills in a “hands on” manner.    

LA County Probation Department: From 1994-1998 he volunteered at the monthly Speakers Program for detained minors in probation camps around LA county. Focused on legal, social and ethical issues.    

Vista Del Mar: In 1998 he volunteered as a tutor for abused, abandoned and neglected teenagers in academic subjects.    

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