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Jeffery K. Rubenstein has an outstanding track record of successfully defending people like you. The Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein in Southern California have a 24/7 Bail Hotline Dispatch. So you get help fast if you are in jail and await bail. Judges and prosecutors in Southern California respect him for his creatives approaches to bail and alternative sentencing. If you want to get and stay out of jail, you need Jeffery K. Rubenstein as your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Jeffery K. Rubenstein has decades of experience as an LA criminal defense attorney and 4 years as an LA County Deputy DA. He is a complex problem solver widely respected for his legal acumen, strategic plans and winning defense tactics. "Boots on the ground," he appears at all your court hearings. A law professor, he has lectured extensively on constitutional law, constitutional rights, criminal law, domestic violence and stalking. Jeffery K. Rubenstein has made guest appearances on Dateline NBC, American Justice and CBS News. He was also featured in Vanity Fair and People.Freedom is priceless.    

Results You Want

Freedom is priceless.

Jeffery K. Rubenstein knows the criminal justice process can have catastrophic consequences for you, your family, your career, your finances and your reputation.  He makes a personal commitment to you as  a client and a person. He offers a proven network of psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, counselors, mental health and addiction professionals, treatment centers and support groups to help you through this stressful experience. He works hard, smart and compassionate to win your case. Hope makes anything possible.

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