Los Angeles Drug Charge Defenses Attorney


At the criminal defense Law Offices of Jeffery K. Rubenstein, we handle drug cases in all California courts. Former prosecutor Jeffery Rubenstein is very well suited for defending drug cases, having developed a sharp strategic understanding of the other side of the legal table after many years with the Los Angeles DA’s office.


We have represented clients facing these charges with a singular focus of getting your drug charges dismissed, reduced, or finding you a method of alternative sentencing.


Drug Possession


In California, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $100. Possessing anything more than that, the penalties can be much more stringent.


More and more, judges are starting to understand that prosecuting drug offenders as criminals is not an effective way of dealing with the problem. Alternative sentencing programs such as those defined in Prop. 36 are much more effective and slowly becoming the standard.


We defend all types of drug possession charges including:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Cocaine Possession
  • Methamphetamine Possession
  • Possession of Narcotics
  • Possession of Illegal Prescription Drugs
  • Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute


“Possession with intent” indicates that an individual has a quantity of drugs that is in excess of what can be used for personal consumption. Whether you “intend” to distribute or not has little or no effect on how the police, district attorney and the criminal courts will treat your case.


We defend all types of drug possession with intent to distribute charges:

  • Marijuana Possession with Intent
  • Cocaine Possession with Intent
  • Methamphetamine Possession with Intent
  • Possession of Narcotics with Intent
  • Possession of Illegal Prescription Drugs with Intent




Cultivation is the growing of any amount of marijuana and is considered a felony in California. If the marijuana is grown for personal use (there is no intent to sell or profit), then the defendant may be eligible for a drug diversion program under California Penal Code Section 1000.


This is a serious charge and must be handled with the utmost care. Federal law overrides all state law and even if you are growing the marijuana for the medical industry, you can be charged under federal statutes.


Drug Charge Defenses Attorney in California are available 24 hours a day — Call us today to set up your free case evaluation with Mr. Rubenstein, (310)477-2100 or e-mail us at jeff@jkrlaw.com.

Are you charged for drug possession? Hire the best drug charge defense attorney as both Federal and state laws to make drug possession a crime. Anybody has illegal controlled substance like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, Heroine or prescription drugs will be charged with heavy penalties. But, if you have hired an experienced attorney, then you don’t need to worry as he knows all the complications of law and will turn everything in your favor.

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